16 дек. 2009 г.

Embryo "Surfin" 1974 (image+cue)

1. You can turn on me
2. Music of today
3. Secret
4. Surfin'
5. New ridin'
6. In my lunamatic
7. Dance of some broken glasses
8. Sidetrack


pass: thefanvinyl

Christian Burchard (drums, vocals, marimba, Clavinet, Fender-Rhodes, mellotron, organ; vibes, percussion, piano)
Roman Bunka (guitar, bass, Clavinet, vocals, ring modulator, percussion, sttar,
Uwe Multrich (bass) (2 to 7),
Edgar Hofmarm (Soprano saxophone (2-8), violin (3-7)),
Charlie Mariano (Alto saxophone (1), Soprano saxophone (3-8), flute (4-7),
nagasuram (7))

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AussieRock комментирует...

Thanking you for this - have only just discovered this amazing Jazz-Rock band (a cross between Santana, Can and Australia's very own MacKenzie Theory from the 70's)
Cheers from Down Under