7 февр. 2009 г.

DREADNAUGHT "Musica En Flagrante" 2004

122Mb 320Kb/s

1 r. Dannel Olivaw
2 One Trick Pony
3 Kazak, The Hound Of Space
4 Tiny Machines
5 Northern Pike
6 Gulf Of Tonkin
7 Are Your Pants Down (pants down)
8 Pull Your Pants Down (pants down)
9 Big Cats
10 Threnody For The Victims Of Brother Theodore
11 Fanfare For A Losing Team
12 The Boston Crad
13 Winston Niles Rumfoord
ELBA (Never Come Back, I Want You Gone)
 14 The Sirens Of Train
 15 Chrono-Synclastic Infundibulum
 16 Back Through Newport, Rhode Island
 17 Unk And Boaz In The Caves Of Mercury
 18 Salo
19 Royal Jelly

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